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High Roller Casino Sites

Looking for an online casino for depositing large sums of money when playing casino games? Then it is a high roller casino you need, these are designed for big spenders and don´t offer free games or normal petty affordable deals.

Instead you will find much bigger and also much better casino bonuses that suits your budget. Of course there will be VIP service with many special perks and designated staff who will take care of you.

Since not all of us have the luxury of being high rollers and the casinos won´t really see ”normal” players at all, the casinos might be a bit tricky to find though they do exist.

Before you decide to sign up to one of these fantastic casino sites you might need to find out whether you are a high roller or not.

What is a "High Roller" & What Does it mean?

high roller casinos ukFirst of all the high rollers are well known in the gambling business since they are the ones who goes into casinos or sign up online and spend large sums of money. Since they are playing with amounts of money that attracts everybody´s attention they are used to the attention. Also since they bet big the winnings can be very big as well so to watch one of these in action is pretty amazing.

A high roller is somebody who is confident and intelligent but most important they are all enjoying the thrill of winning, and that is winning big. Since they are confident when they play at the tables many might find them arrogant but lets face it, that only makes them noticed!

What a high roller does best is knowing when to hold back and when to go for it, they spend time looking at a table or slot machine before the decide what to play. One could say a high roller is intelligent enough to see where the chances are and where it´s time to move on to the next table.

What does the term "Whale" mean?

There are high roller and then there are the Whales. This is the most extreme type of players and here we are talking about enormous amounts of cash spent. They don´t come in numbers to a single casino on the Tuesday night but when they do, we are talking about betting a million or two on just a single bet. This is of course extravagant to the maximum but they do exist.

High Rollers Online - Playing at The Best Casinos With The Best Bonuses

Since they spend a lot of money in one go, the casinos online might not be the best place for a high roller since there are rules and regulations. Online casinos have different rules when it comes to deposits and especially large sums. Popular games for high rollers include high stakes roulette, blackjack - with particular regards to a newer version of the game - 6in1 blackjack as well as many live dealer casino games.

It is not always possible to spend large amounts of money in one bet so to be honest a high roller online can be the same as a normal player in a regular casino. With this said and explained, it might be time for you to decide if you are a high roller. If so then good luck at the tables and may you win big, very big!  

Looking For The Best High Roller Casinos in the UK? Here's Some Pointers:

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

200% up to €300

50 Bonus Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

Welcome Bonus up to €400

...Or Choose 600 Bonus Spins

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200% Bonus up to €500

30 Bonus Spins + 2 Reload Bonuses Up to £1000

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Match Deposit Bonus up to €998

11 Free Spins on Registration + 100 Extra Spins on Desposits

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200% up to €50

20 Spins on Registration

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100% up to €1500

300 Extra Spins


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Bonus up to £200

100 Extra Spins

18+. T&C's | BeGambleAware®

200% up to €500

50 Bonus Spins

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